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PerfectTablePlan v4.0.2 available


PerfectTablePlan v4.0.2 is now available for download.

We have added the following enhancements:

  • You can now use gradients instead of single colours for tables and chairs. Gradients can help to make your printouts more visually appealing (see image right).
  • We have included an import mapping for pingg.com (see below). This makes it easier to import guest lists exported from pingg.com.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Incorrect scaling in the Table plan pane when tables differ considerably in size.
  • Incorrect scaling in the Guest chart or Table chart pane when printed over multiple panes.
  • Cascading warnings about locked guests in the Schematic pane when dragging.
  • Problems with selecting and dragging rotated text in the Stationery pane.
  • Intermittent crash caused by resizing a floor plan using the Dimensions window (hopefully, it is hard to be sure with intermittent bugs).

Click here to find out more or download the new version

Currently v4.0.2 is only being released to newsletter subscribers. We expect to make it more generally available within a couple of weeks, depending on feedback we receive. As always, please report any bugs or problems.

Using PerfectTablePlan on a memory stick

usb memory stick

If you use PerfectTablePlan on more than one computer you might want to consider using it from a memory stick.

To install PerfectTablePlan onto a memory stick:

  1. Insert your memory stick into the USB slot or card reader.
  2. Run the PerfectTablePlan installation, from a download or CD.
  3. Install PerfectTablePlan to a new folder on the memory stick drive. For example:
    • install the Windows version to \PerfectTablePlan\Windows
    • install the MacOSX version to /PerfectTablePlan/Mac
    • store any plan files in \PerfectTablePlan\plans

To run PerfectTablePlan you now just need to double click on the executable file on the drive, for example:

  • Windows: \PerfectTablePlan\Windows\TablePlanner_4_0_2.exe 
  • MacOSX: /PerfectTablePlan/Mac/PerfectTablePlan_4_0_2.app

Your settings and preferences are stored locally on each machine, not on the memory stick. So you will need to set them up when you run PerfectTablePlan from the memory stick on a new machine. For example, you will have to re-add your licence key. But you will only have to do this once for each machine.

PerfectTablePlan plan files are fully portable between Windows and MacOSX, so you can even work on the same plan file on your memory stick from both Windows and MacOSX machines. PerfectTablePlan is licensed per person, not per computer, so you only need a single licence to use PerfectTablePlan on multiple machines (for your own use).

Integrating PerfectTablePlan with pingg.com


We mentioned in newsletter 14 how you can use evite.com or sendomatic.com to take the hard work out of managing your RSVPs. pingg.com now offers a similar service. 

pingg.com will send out your invitations and create a guest list from the responses. You can then export the guest list for import straight into PerfectTablePlan. We have even added an import mapping to save time.

To export your pingg.com guest list:

  1. Click on the print & export button in your guest list
  2. Click on the DOWNLOAD link.
  3. Save to a .csv file.

To import your guest list into PerfectTablePlan:

  1. Select File>Import.
  2. Select Excel/CSV/text file and click OK.
  3. Select the pingg.com file you exported.
  4. Select pingg.com export from the File type drop-down list (available only in PerfectTablePlan v4.0.2 and later).
  5. Click OK.

pingg.com is free for email invitations, but there is a fee for sending printed invitations.

Over two million guests seated

We estimate that PerfectTablePlan has now seated over two million guests in more than 50 countries. See our press release for more details.

Andy Brice