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PerfectTablePlan v3.1.3 available

PerfectTablePlan v3.1.3 is now available for Windows and MacOSX. It includes 13 minor enhancements (1 Mac only) and 12 bug fixes (2 Mac only). If you have a v3 licence it will work with v3.1.3 (no new licence key or purchase required). v3.1.3 can read plans created by any previous version.  

Click here to find out more and download the new version.

Currently v3.1.3 is only being released to newsletter subscribers. We expect to make it more generally available within a couple of weeks, depending on feedback we receive. As always, please report any bugs or problems.

Print your table plan as an A0, A1 or A2 poster

framed table planWe have teamed up with a UK-based digital printing company to allow you to order large format floor plans and charts. The prints are excellent quality and very reasonably priced. They will look great in a frame or mounted on a board.

All you need to do is send them a PDF file exported from PerfectTablePlan and supply your credit card details and address. Your print will then arrive in the post in a sturdy tube a few days later.  An A2 print is just £10 inc UK P&P and VAT!

Click here for more information.

We also hope to announce a partnership with a US-based digital printing company soon.

Using ** in the Display name

A standard convention for displaying names is to display the guests's name and title on the first line, followed by their role in italics on the second line. You can do this in PerfectTablePlan by using ** in the Display name field to separate the two lines. For example:

star star

If the guest name and role are stored in separate columns of an Excel spreadsheet you can use the '&' (concatenation) operator to merge them into a single column for import. For example the Name and role column below has been created by merging the Name and Role columns:

excel concatenation operator

The same technique can also be used to merge 2 name columns for import:

excel concatenation operator

Asking a favour from MacOSX customers

Although download sites are becoming less and less important for Windows software, they still play an important role in promoting software for MacOSX. We would therefore be very grateful to any customers that add a review of PerfectTablePlan v3.1.3 to Macupdate or  Versiontracker.


A good choice of fonts can make a big difference to a chart. You can download a collection of free calligraphy fonts from our website.


Andy Brice