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From time to time we release new versions of the software with new features and/or bug fixes. Minor updates are available for no charge (e.g. v6.0.0 and v6.1.1 will both work with a v6 licence key). Major updates require a licence key upgrade (e.g. a v5 licence key will not work with version 6.0.0). If you purchased a licence key close to a major upgrade you may get a free upgrade licence key. See our licensing page for details of our upgrade policy.

To check which version of the software you are running look in the About window.

To check if you are running the latest version select Help>Check for Updates. This requires an Internet connection.

PerfectTablePlan will also check for software updates automatically. You can set it to check for updates monthly, weekly or never, in the prefs_16Preferences window (the default is weekly). It will only advise the availability of updates, you still have to download and install the update from a web page.

You can also subscribe to our email newsletter for update information.