Table Layout window

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Table Layout window

Professional edition only

The layout_grid_16Table Layout window allows you quickly layout large numbers of tables in a wide range of different layouts and orderings. To display this window click the layout_grid_16 button at the top of the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane. You need to select at least 2 tables and not have the Freeze floor plan box checked for this button to be enabled.

Grid allows you to set the size and alignment of the grid.


Aligned grid


Offset grid

Spacing allows you to set the horizontal and vertical distance between table centres. If Snap to grid is set on (in the ruler_16Dimensions window) then you can only set the spacing in multiples of the snap grid.

Ordering allows you to specify in what order the tables are laid out: left to right/right to left, top to bottom/bottom to top, horizontally/vertically, typewriter/snake.









Click the Table Order... button to change the order in which the tables are laid out in the sort_16Table Order window. Note that this will also affect ordering in other panes, e.g. the tablechart_16Table Chart pane.

Preview shows you what the new table layout will look like. Check show table order to easily see the layout order of the tables.

Click OK to accept the changes. Click Cancel to discard the changes.

You can drag the selected tables to any position in the floor plan after you close this window.

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