Save Stationery Layout window

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Save Stationery Layout window

The stationery_layout_16Save Stationery Layout window allows you to save the layout of stationery so you can use it again. It appears when you change the stationery layout in the stationery_layout_16Stationery Layout window.

Name is the name of the new stationery, e.g. "My address labels".

Manufacturer is the manufacturer of the stationery, e.g. "Office Depot". You can type or select from the list.

Type is the type of stationery, e.g. "Tent card". You can type or select from the list.

You need to supply a Name, Manufacturer and Type before you can save the layout.

Click OK to save the stationery layout and close the window. You will be prompted before overwriting an existing layout. Click Cancel to discard any changes and close the window.

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