Numbers and Budget window

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Numbers and Budget window

The calc_16Numbers and Budget window allows you to estimate approximate number of guests attending and costs. To display this window select File>Numbers and Budget or the equivalent Main tool bar button.

Fixed allows you to enter the fixed cost of the event, regardless of the number of guests, e.g. venue and band hire cost.

Per child allows you to enter the cost of the event per child, e.g. the food and drink cost per child.

Per adult allows you to enter the cost of the event per adult, e.g. the food and drink per adult.

Set the Chance of attending to values that you feel reflect the probability of guests attending, depending on their RSVP status. For example, set accepted_16Accepted to 95% if you think guests who have accepted their invitation are 95% likely to attend.

The Guests column shows the number of guests for each RSVP status.

The Sub total column shows the estimated number of guests attending for each RSVP status.

Estimated guests is an estimate of the number of guests attending (rounded to the nearest whole number). For example, if you have 10 guests 0% likely to attend, 10 guests 10% likely to attend, 10 guests 95% likely to attend and 5 guests 100% likely to attend the estimated number of guests is 16 ( 10 x 0% + 10 x 10% + 10 x 95% + 5 x 100%). Due to rounding the total number of guests may not be the same as estimated adults + estimated children.

Estimated cost is derived from the cost data provided and the estimated number of guests.

Obviously the results are only as accurate as the data you provide.

Note You can easily change guest RSVP status in the unknown_adult_16Guests pane.

Click OK to accept the changes and close the window. Click Cancel to discard the changes.

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