Integrating with PerfectTablePlan

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Integrating with PerfectTablePlan

You may wish to use PerfectTablePlan to create a table plan from data produced by another software package, for example an event registration or CRM system. There are two ways you can do this.

Integrate via text/CSV file

If your software package can create a delimited text file (e.g. CSV file) you can output this and import it into PerfectTablePlan. If you are able to script/program the package you can get it to start PerfectTablePlan with the input file from the command line.

For example to start up importing the file export.csv using the predefined '' mapping :

/Applications/ -import export.csv -import_type theknot

Please email if you are interested in us adding a mapping for your import file format.

Integrate via XML file

The above approach is sufficient for most needs, however it only allows you to supply guest details, not details of tables or seating. If you need to do this you can generate your own PerfectTablePlan plan file and start PerfectTablePlan to open it.

For example to start up PerfectTablePlan and open a file:


PerfectTablePlan associates a unique and unchanging ID with each record (e.g. each guest). This can be very useful if you want to write a CSV/XML file, make some changes in PerfectTablePlan and then read back the changes.

PerfectTablePlan plan (.tp) files are in a simple text/XML format. Please email if you need help with the format.

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