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If you already have guest details (for example in an email or organizer address book, spreadsheet or text file) you can import the data directly into PerfectTablePlan, rather than re-typing it.

PerfectTablePlan can import information in 4 major formats:

Excel .xls/.xlsx - Excel's proprietary format.

CSV (Comma Separated Value ) - A text file that can be produced by Excel (select File>Save As and choose .csv as the file type), Numbers and many other types of applications. Columns and rows are delimited by commas and carriage returns, respectively. " and , characters are quoted.

Delimited text data - A text file with the user's choice of delimiters (separators). Many applications can produce data in this form. CSV is a special form of delimited text data.

vCard file - vCard files be exported from most applications with address books, including Outlook, Palm Pilot desktop and the Apple Mac Address Book.

As a simpler (but less flexible) alternative to importing you can also use the scratchpad_16Quick Add Guests window.

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