Import guest details from a website or application

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Import guest details from a website or application

PerfectTablePlan can import guest details from a wide range of websites and applications, including:

event registration websites (e.g.

RSVP websites (e.g. and

wedding websites (e.g.

CRM systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics)

databases (e.g. Microsoft Access)

You just need to export the data from the website as an Excel .xls/.xlsx file or in text delimited form (e.g. rows separated by carriage returns and columns separated by tabs, spaces or commas) - CSV (comma separated value) is usually the easiest. Then you can import it into PerfectTablePlan.

We have already set-up a number of commonly used import mappings for you in the import_16Import Data window:

Import guest details from a website

Advanced and Professional editions only

If you create a new import mapping you will be given the option to save it for use as a new File type. This will then be available the next time you import.

Note We are not able to offer any support for third party websites or software. Use of third party software is entirely at your own risk.

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