Find Plan Files window

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Find Plan Files window

Use the Find Plan Files window to locate PerfectTablePlan plan files on your computer. To display this window select File>Find or (to display backup files) File>Backups.

Select from the Find drop-down list depending on the type of PerfectTablePlan file you wish to find.

Set the in field to select the folder you wish to search. Click the Choose... button to browse folders. Check include sub folders to search all folders within the selected folder (and all the folders they contain, and so on).

Click Start to start the search. Click the button again to stop the search.

The files found are displayed in the list. The Last modified time is shown in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS). Click Open (or double-click a file in the list) to open the selected plan or backup file and close this window.  Click Cancel to close this window without opening a plan.

Note It may take several minutes to scan your harddisk. So you should only use this window for plans that you can't find using File>Open or File>Open recent.

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