Export VCard window

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Export VCard window

The Export VCard window allows you to export guest data from your plan in vCard format to use in other applications, for example to import into address books of other applications. To display this window select File>export_16Export, select guest data to vCard file(s) in the export_16Export window and click OK. You cannot export data if your plan has no guests.

Select from the Export drop-down list whether you wish to export all guests in the plan or just those currently selected in the front tab of the Left pane (all members of any group selected will be exported).

Select from the to drop-down list whether you wish to export all guests to a single vCard file or a separate vCard file for each guest.

Select from the in drop-down list, depending on which format of vCard you want to export in:

vCard format version 3.0 is recommended.

vCard format version 2.1 is an old format that does not support UTF-8 encoding. This means that some non-English characters may not be supported. It is included for compatibility with older software.

Set Location to the folder you wish to create the export file(s) in. You will be prompted if there is already a file with the same name. Click on the Choose... button to browse to a location.

Click OK to export the data and close the window. Click Cancel to discard the changes.

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