Check social distancing

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Check social distancing

To show social distancing between groups in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane:

1.Click on the more_button_m button at the top-left of the pane.

2.Click on the table_spacing_16 button to show the Table/Seat Spacing window.

3.Set Space to Seats.

4.Set Units and Spacing between seats according to the minimum social distance spacing.

A coloured guide will appear around each seat according to the parameters in the Table/Seat Spacing window. The guide will have a diameter equal to Spacing between seats. This makes it easy to see whether seats are too close to each other as their circles will overlap. You can control the Colour and Transparency of these guides. No guides will be drawn for empty seats if empty seats are hidden.

The guide is centred approximately on the position of the occupant's nose and mouth, so it is suitable for calculating social distancing.

Press and hold down the Check Social Distancing button to see any guests from different groups that are sat closer than the Spacing between seats distance.

check social distancing on a seating plan

You can colour guests by group so you can see if guests close to each other are in the same group.

Click the table_spacing_16 button again to turn off the spacing guides.

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