Bulk Edit Custom Proximity window

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Bulk Edit Custom Proximity window

Professional edition only

The table_diagonal_16Bulk Edit Custom Proximity window allows you to change large numbers of cells in the heart_16Custom Field Proximity pane in a single operation. To display this window Click on the Bulk Edit... button at the top of the heart_16Custom Field Proximity pane.

For example, if you have a custom field 'State' with 50 possible values (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona ... etc), and you want to set custom proximity so that people from the same State sit 'near to' each other, you will have to set all 50 diagonal cells to 'near to'. This is tedious to do one cell at a time. However you can use this window to do it in a single operation by setting Change cells to Diagonal, With proximity to Any and To proximity to Near to.

Set the Change cells drop-down list according to which cells you want to change. Typically this will be the diagonal cells (i.e. where 2 guests have the same value for a custom field).

Set the With proximity drop-down list according to which proximity values you want to change. For example, you might only want to change proximities that are currently neutral so that you don't change cells that you have previous changed.

Set the To proximity drop-down list to the new proximity.

The number of cells that will be changed is displayed. Click OK to accept the changes. Click Cancel to discard the changes.

This window is only available for custom fields of type 'selection'.

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