Auto Assign Multiple Seatings window

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Auto Assign Multiple Seatings window

Professional edition only

The Auto Assign Multiple Seatings window allows you to assign multiple seating in a single operation. It is particularly useful for events where you want to sit different guests together for consecutive seatings, e.g. a business networking dinner. To display this window select File>Auto Assign Multiple... .

Set Number of seatings to the number of seating plans you wish to create.

Set New plans folder to the folder you wish the new plans to be created in (one for each seating). Check prompt before overwriting if you wish to confirm overwriting any files with the same name. New plan files shows the names of the files that will be created.

Auto assign shows the settings that will be applied to the automatic seat assignment for each seating. Click the Change... button if you wish to change them.

Set the After each seating drop-down list according to how you want guest proximity to change after each seating.

Set the On completion drop-down list according to which multi-plan report you wish to show on completion.


A new plan file is created for each seating.

When the proximities are changed after each seating it will only make a proximity 'worse'. E.g. it will change sad_16 'Not next to' skull_16 'Not near to', but not vice versa.'

You can set up additional constraints using custom proximities. These are remain unchanged between seatings.

You can edit the plans created 'by hand' (e.g. to unassign a guest who couldn't make a particular seating) and re-run the multi-plan report.

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