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Align items

You can easily align the centres of tables and other items to a grid by turning on grid snap.

You can also align selected items into a vertical or horizontal line using the vertical_align_16Align vertical and horizontal_align_16Align horizontal buttons in the floor_plan_16Floor plan pane.

You can move selected items using the mouse or keyboard arrow keys. If you press an arrow key when grid snap is on, the item will be moved one grid position. If you press an arrow key when grid snap is not on, the item will be moved 5 cm/2 inches (1 cm/0.4 inch if the shift_key key is held down).

If you depress the guide_16 button at the top of the floor_plan_16Floor plan pane, guides lines will be drawn when you move a single floor plan item.

Professional edition only

You can use the layout_grid_16Table Layout window to quickly lay out tables in a wide range of configurations.

align tables on a floor plan

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