Add a personalised map to the stationery

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Add a personalised map to the stationery

Advanced and Professional editions only

You can use the you_are_here_16You are here button to add a personalised map image into each item of stationery. This map will show the appropriate seat, seats or table, depending on whether the Item per drop-down list is set to Guest, Group or Table.

add a personalised map to stationery

You may need to make the 'You are here' image quite large for it to be legible, especially if you have lots of tables.

To add a 'You are here' image in the stationery_16Stationery pane:

1.Ensure that the design_16Design tab is at the front.

2.Click on the you_are_here_16You are here button at the bottom of the stationery_16Stationery pane.

3.Click the cross hair cursor where you want to place the centre of the image.

4.Set the image across and down size.

5.Click rotate_16Rotate to rotate the image as required.

6.Click on the preview_16Preview tab of the stationery_16Stationery pane to see how the images will appear when merged.

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