Turn the floor plan grid on/off

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The floor plan has 2 separate grids - a drawn grid (for display only) and a snap grid (which 'snaps' the centres of items to a discrete position). Every fifth line of the drawn grid is shown darker to make it easier to count grid squares. To turn these grids on/off:

1.Click the ruler_16Dimensions button at the top of the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane. The ruler_16Dimensions window will be displayed.

2.Check/uncheck the Draw grid check box to turn the drawn grid on/off.

3.Check/uncheck the Snap to grid check box to turn the snap grid on/off.

4.Change the Units drop-down list or Size fields to change the grid sizes.

5.Click OK.

Note If you want to print or export the grid you have to check Draw grid and include in print/copy/export in the ruler_16Dimensions window.

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