Rename/renumber tables

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To rename a table:

1.Select the table in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan, table_circular_16Table Plan or schematic_16Schematic pane

2.Select Edit>props_16Properties from the menu bar.

3.Change the name.

4.Click OK.

You can also display the props_16Properties window by double-clicking on the table or selecting Properties from the right-click menu.

To rename large numbers of tables:

1.Go to the schematic_16Schematic pane.

2.Select Edit from the Mode drop-down list at the top of the pane.

3.Retype the table names.

Professional edition only

You can use the Renumber/rename tables window to quickly rename large numbers of tables in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane.

videoVideo with audio (0:44 minutes)

To change the default name given to new tables change the New table name format field in the General tab of the prefs_16Preferences window.