Importing guests from vCard files

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PerfectTablePlan can import guest information from vCard files. Many types of applications can export contact information in vCard format, including personal organisers and email packages such as Apple AddressBook.

To import guest information from a vCard file:

drag the vCard(s) files (extension .vcf) onto the unknown_adult_16Guests pane or couple_16Groups pane; or

select File>impt_16Import, choose vCard file and click OK. Select the vCard file to import and click Open

In some applications you can even drag vCards direct from the application into the unknown_adult_16Guests or couple_16Groups pane.

PerfectTablePlan will attempt to preserve groups defined in the vCard. Guests in the same group will have their proximity set to 'near to'.

To change the group and proximity of imported guests:

1.bring the couple_16Groups pane to the front

2.drag and drop couples/families/groups into the same group (you can rename the group if required)

3.right click on each group and set the appropriate proximity

4.delete the empty groups

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