Schematic pane

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The scematic_16Schematic pane shows the table plan in an abstract form that is convenient for browsing. It also optionally shows the assignment scoring.

Guests who have declined or cancelled are shown with strikethrough text. Guests who are locked are shown with underlined text.

Select from the Mode drop-down list to change the behaviour of the pane (see below).

Change the Display drop-down list to change the way in which the names of assigned guests are displayed.

The order of the tables can be changed by clicking on the Table order button to display the sort_16Table Order window.

Type text in the searchSearch field to hide non-matching table names. Guest names are not searched. E.g. if you type head it will hide all tables without head in their name (case is ignored). Click the search_cancelcancel icon to clear the field.

Click on the more_button_50_pc button to show additional options.

New tables are added at the bottom of the pane. You can change the position of a table in the order by dragging it. Alternatively, select the table and use the up_arrow_16 and down_arrow_16 buttons at the top of the pane to move the table up or down the order.

Check the show scores check box to show the assignment scores.

Click Expand all or Collapse all to expand/collapse all the tables.


Drag and drop

Drag one or more guests to a seat or table within the scematic_16Schematic pane to re-assign their seat. Hold down the Shift key to also drag all the other members of their group. You can also drag guests from the unknown_adult_16Guests pane or couple_16Groups pane to the scematic_16Schematic pane.

Note If you drag a guest on to a seat where another guest is already assigned the guests will swap seats.

Drag a table within the scematic_16Schematic pane to change the order in which it is displayed here and in the table_chart_16Table chart pane.

Edit guest or table properties by double-clicking on them or right click and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

Right click on a guest or table to display actions in a pop-up menu.

Double-click on a guest or table to display the Properties window.

Select more than one guest or table by using Shift+click or Ctrl+Click. Use Ctrl+A to select everything in this pane.


Click on a guest locked column or table name to edit it.

Use the Enter, Tab or Ctrl+arrow keys to change row or column. Use the Space or arrow down keys to edit a drop-down list.