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PerfectTablePlan Newsletter May-06

PerfectTablePlan v2.1.1 released

We are pleased to announce a new stable release, PerfectTablePlan 2.1.1. This release has 27 separate enhancements and a few bug fixes. The most commonly requested new features are:
  • Rotation of tables through any angle (not just 90 degrees).
  •  Arbitrary resizing of tables.
  • Improved handling of RSVPs, with status: unset, sent, accepted, declined and cancelled.
This release will work with your existing version 2 licence key. You can find out more and download the software from:


If you have a version 2 licence key we recommend you install v2.1.1. You don’t have to uninstall older versions.

If you still have a version 1 licence key you may wish to upgrade to a version 2 licence for a small fee (see ../html/upgrade.html ).

Please email us if you have any problems.

Survey prize draw

The randomly picked winner of our survey prize draw was Stacey of Kent, UK. She receives as £60 Amazon voucher.

Frequently Asked Questions

We maintain a list of frequently asked questions at ../html/faq.html . Here are some of the most common ones:

Q. How do I add a guest to an existing group?
  • Select Insert|Single guest
  • Choose Add to existing from the Group drop-down list in the Group tab of the Insert guest window.
Q. Can I add dance floors, stages etc to the floor plan?

Not in the current version, but we intend to add this in future. Possible work-arounds are:
  • Add a table with no seats and set it to the appropriate size. This option is only available from version 2.1.0.
  • Export the floor plan using File|Export|Floor plan and add the dance floor to the exported file in a graphics package. If you export the floor plan in SVG format you can do more extensive editing.
Q. The guests names are too small to read on my A4 floor plan. How do I fix this?

Assuming you have already increased the font size on the floor plan as far as possible, there are a few possible ideas:

  • Print each table on a separate sheet of paper from the Table plan pane (available from version 2.0.0). You can hide the text legend.
  • Print out seat numbers on the floor plan, instead of names (available from version 1.2.9). These can then be cross-referenced against the Table chart pane.
  • Select Name only (radial) from the Seats drop-down list at the top of the Floor plan pane (available from version 2.0.0, Windows only).
  • Move the tables closer together in the Floor plan pane. This will make them appear bigger when scaled to fit the page.
  • Have the plan professionally printed (see ../html/order_plan.html ).
  • Export the floor plan as an image and ask a someone with a larger format (e.g. A3 or A2) printer to print it for you, for example Fedex Kinko or a print shop. For best quality you should export it in PDF format. You can also use SVG (vector) format (available from version 2.0.0) if they can read it, but you may need to edit it first.
  • Export the floor plan as an image and read it into an application that can print across multiple pages (see How to|Print a multi-page floor plan in the Help)

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd