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PerfectTablePlan Newsletter 8

PerfectTablePlan v3.0.0 released for testing

A test (beta) version of PerfectTablePlan 3 is now available for Windows and MacOSX. This release has over 40 separate enhancements and new features. The major changes include:

  • the ability to print place cards, escort cards, address labels, invites and other stationery from the guest and seating data
  • improved printing (including the ability to print a Floor Plan across multiple pages)
  • improved importing (including handling of multiple guests per line in the import file)
  • configurable guest titles
  • the ability to display proximity one group at a time
  • improved editing of guest data

Version 3 is not yet available for sale. If you purchased your PerfectTablePlan licence in the last 3 months you should have already received a free v3 upgrade key. If you purchased v2 more than 3 months ago you will be able to purchase an upgrade when a stable version 3 is released (this will be announced in the next newsletter).

The improvements are based on feedback I have received from customers. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to send feedback. For more information and to download the software go to:


(download links are at the bottom of the page)

The software has been exhaustively tested (i.e. I have tested it until I am exhausted). But with so many new features being supported on range of operating systems, it is inevitable that I won’t have found every single bug. The purpose of a test version is so that you can help find any problems I have missed. Please email me if you have any problems or suggestions. I expect to put out a stable version 3 within a couple of weeks, depending on the feedback I get.

Windows Vista support

PerfectTablePlan 3.0.0 has been successfully tested on Windows Vista. I have had to make a few small changes, including moving plan files from c:\program files\PerfectTablePlan\plans to My Documents\tableplans (or the Vista equivalent). A more Vista-like ’look and feel’ to the user interface is planned soon.

PerfectTablePlan on TV (nearly)

Table planning software made an appearance on the new US wedding comedy “Big day”. After careful scrutiny I can tell you that they didn’t use PerfectTablePlan itself, but they did base their mock-up closely on PerfectTablePlan. They even copied the toolbar icons exactly (including some I drew myself)! And, no, they didn’t ask for permission.

frame from bigday tv program

The table planner from ‘Big day’

bigday toolbar close-up

A close-up on the toolbar above

PerfectTablePlan v2 toolbar

The PerfectTablePlan v2.1.5 toolbar in ‘expert’ mode

toolbar comparison

A coincidence?

In the program the wedding planner disastrously unassigns all the seats. If they had actually used PerfectTablePlan she would have been able to undo this (or retrieve an automatic back-up) - but I guess that wouldn’t have been so funny.

Alex cartoon

A friend sent me this Alex cartoon (NB/ I studied physics at university).

alex cartoon

Reproduced with kind permission of the author. For more Alex cartoons see telegraph.co.uk .

Keeping things in perspective

When you are organising an important event it is very easy to get stressed about the details: the size of the table cloths, the colour of the napkins etc. I thought this email from Kathy in Australia might help to keep things in perspespective:

The wedding is Jan 6th and the final day for replies is this Saturday. Unfortunately, there are now major bushfires threatening my house and I have had to evacuate to safer locations. The venue for the wedding is on a road that is now closed due to bushfires and I believe the venue is still OK (although a bit smokey) so far

I may need to download your program again if my house burns down. We may have no tables to worry about....

I am happy to say the story had a happy ending - they were spared by the bush fires.

best regards and happy new year

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd