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PerfectTablePlan v5.0.5

PerfectTablePlan v5.0.5 is now available to newsletter subscribers. It has 6 enhancements and fixes 5 bugs, including:

  • long names scaled to fit in the Floor plan and Table plan panes
  • 'rubber box' drag to select in the Floor plan and Table plan panes
  • better drag and drop feedback in the Floor plan and Table plan panes
  • every 5th grid line emphasized in the Floor plan pane
  • 'Name only (banquet)' and 'Name only radial' text is sized more intelligently in E-shaped tables
  • the Mac version is now digitally signed
  • a crash bug related to custom fields has been fixed
floor plan name scaling floor plan rubber box drag
guest drag highlighting floor plan major-minor grid

v5.0.5 is a free upgrade to all customers with a valid v5 licence. We recommend that all v5 users upgrade to this release.

To find out more and download the new release, please go to the release page:


Note that installing v5.0.5 won't overwrite previous versions of PerfectTablePlan.

We plan to make v5.0.5 the official release in a few days time. As always, please let us know if you have any problems.

Haven't upgraded to v5 yet?

You're missing loads of great new features! Check out the v5 upgrade FAQ.

Free licences for charities

The world would be a much less pleasant place without the good work done by charities. Many of these charities organize seated events and we would like to help them in some small way. So we are offering free PerfectTablePlan licences to charities for the next 7 days. For more details go to this page:

Please feel free to share this link with people who you think might be interested through email, Facebook or Twitter.

The world's ugliest table plan?

the worst table plan in the world?We think we might have found the world's ugliest table plan on the Q Magazine website (PDF format). Dame Shirley Bassey deserves better!

Have you seen an uglier table plan? If so, please send us a link/copy.

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd