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PerfectTablePlan v5.0.4 released

PerfectTablePlan v5.0.4 is now available. It fixes 5 bugs. The most important fix is a workaround to a problem in a third party library that was causing intermittent print crashes in PerfectTablePlan v5.0.2 on Mac OS X.

To find out more and download the new release, please go to this page.

v5.0.4 is a free upgrade to all customers with a valid v5 licence. We recommend that all v5 users upgrade to this release. As always, please let us know if you have any problems.

(PerfectTablePlan v5.0.3 was a test release. It only went out to a handful of customers who reported bugs.)

Upgrading to v5

PerfectTablePlan v5 has over 40 new features. If you have a PerfectTablePlan version 1, 2, 3 or 4 licence you can upgrade to v5 for 60% less than buying a new licence. For more details see our upgrading FAQ.

Integration partners

We have added a page on our website listing third parties who have experience integrating PerfectTablePlan with other systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Sharepoint. If you are interested in integrating PerfectTablePlan with other software, it might be worth talking to these companies.

integration partners

v2 support discontinued

We have discontinued technical support for PerfectTablePlan v2, the last release of which was in 2006. In the unlikely event that you are still using PerfectTablePlan v2 you will need to upgrade to v5 to if you want to continue to be eligible for technical support. Note v2 still works and you can continue to use it indefinitely.

Empty seats at the Olympics

empty seatsMany British people who applied for seats for the Olympics failed to get tickets. So the sight of hundreds of empty seats at Olympic venues has caused quite a bit of anger. Perhaps we should send the IOC a copy of PerfectTablePlan?

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd