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Version 5 progress

There are no new releases of PerfectTablePlan to report this newsletter. The current version (v4.2.6) is very stable and we are working hard on PerfectTablePlan version 5.

We have already implemented a number of major new features for v5, but we have  a lot more planned. So it will be some months before we have anything ready for beta testing. Here is a little teaser for one, much-requested, new feature we have been working on:

Edit multiple guests properties in a single operation

Edit a property for multiple guests in a single operation in v5

Watch this newsletter for more news on v5.

Sharing a plan between multiple computers/users

There are various ways to share a single plan between multiple computers/users. We have added a new entry in the FAQ discussing 4 different approaches to sharing a plan (email, USB key, shared network drive and Dropbox) and their relative advantages and disadvantages.

PerfectTablePlan for Dinner parties

PerfectTablePlan is designed to make life much easier for people planning events with lots of tables (sometimes hundreds of tables). But you can also use PerfectTablePlan to plan the perfect seating arrangements for a dinner party at home.

We have created a PerfectTablePlan template that allows you to use custom proximity to automatically assign guests to seats according to their personality type:

  • Diva
  • Gossip Fodder 
  • Introvert
  • Charmer
  • Politico
  • Entertainer 
  • Outsider 
  • Host
dinner party seating

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Non-standard Windows mouse setting can cause 'jumping tables'

Windows mouse optionsIf you have the option Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box set in Windows Control Panel>Mouse>Pointer Options this can cause tables and other items to be moved unintentionally when you double-click in the Floor plan pane. This is because Windows is moving the mouse while an item is selected and the mouse button is down. Note that this option is not set by default in Windows.

You can avoid this issue by either:

  • unchecking the option in the Windows Control Panel; or
  • using right click to access Properties instead of double clicking

Thanks to Dr Guy for bringing this to our attention.

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