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PerfectTablePlan v4.2.6

PerfectTablePlan v4.2.6 is now available. It fixes 3 bugs. It is a free upgrade for all users with a valid v4 licence

As well as fixing 5 bugs in v4.2.5, we also managed to add a new bug. When you add tables they are automatically positioned in the Floor plan pane by PerfectTablePlan. Unfortunately v4.2.5 doesn't 'remember' where it had automatically positioned the tables. So if you exit without repositioning the tables (by drag and drop) and then re-open the plan, all the tables are stacked one on top of another.

We have now fixed this bug. However the fix will only work for newly laid out tables,  it won't reposition any tables placed on top of each other by v4.2.5. You will have to reposition them by drag and drop or delete them all ( Edit>Select All, Edit>Delete)  and add them again.

Please accept our apologies for any time wasted by this bug. We do try very hard to make sure that no major bugs make it into production releases. We failed in this case. A big thank you to everyone that reported the bug.

We also took the opportunity to fix an additional two (fairly obscure) bugs that recently came to light (one of which is actually a workaround for a bug in Excel):

  • Other applications are not always able to handle Unicode characters in .csv files. For example Excel 2007 for Windows seems to have problems with Unicode .csv files, putting all the text into a single column. So we now give an option to convert any Unicode characters to ASCII when exporting CSV.
  • In Name only (banquet) mode names with large fonts could sometimes overlap the table. This is now fixed.

Please email support if you find any other bugs, so that we can fix them ASAP.

Please note that installing v4.2.6 won't overwrite previous versions of PerfectTablePlan.

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd