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PerfectTablePlan v4.2.4 now available

PerfectTablePlan v4.2.4 is now available. It fixes 3 bugs that have been reported and adds a couple of minor enhancements. It is a free upgrade for all users with a valid v4 licence. Changes include:

  • Using Shift+Click or Edit>Select All it was possible to select guests, groups or tables that had been hidden by typing text into the Search field in the Guests, Groups or Schematic panes. This could result in unexpected behaviour, for example when deleting items. This is now fixed so that items hidden by typing into the Search field cannot be selected, even with Edit>Select All. This is more in line with standard Windows and Mac behaviour.
  • Attempting to drag a locked guest in the Floor plan pane sometimes caused cascading error windows. This is now fixed.
  • If you filled in the Suffix field for any guest, this became the default suffix for any new guests. The default suffix is now always blank.

We are making this release available to newsletter readers before we release it more generally. Please email support if you find any bugs, so that we can fix them ASAP.

Please note that installing v4.2.4 won't overwrite previous versions of PerfectTablePlan.

PerfectTablePlan now sold to over 100 countries

According to information from our e-commerce suppliers we have now sold PerfectTablePlan in over 100 countries, including: Albania, Angola, Ecuador, Faroe Islands, Honduras, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Peru, Suriname, Uganda and Zambia.

PerfectTablePlan version 5

We are in the very early stages of planning PerfectTablePlan version 5. We have lots of ideas for new features that will save you time and make you look good. But we are always interested to hear your ideas. For example, are you having to do anything tedious or time-consuming that you think PerfectTablePlan could do for you?

If you have an improvement you would like to see, and you haven't already told us, please email support. If you have already told us, rest assured that we will have recorded it in our database of feature requests and you don't need to email us again.

7 things you (probably) didn't know about table plans

Table plans can be a bit of a cultural minefield. Here are a few of the things we have have found out about table plans along the way:

  1. At a Saudi Arabian wedding reception there is only one man in the room (the groom).
  2. In the USA there is a dot in "Mr." and "Mrs.". In the UK there isn't.
  3. Indian weddings typically don't have seating plans. An Anglo-Indian wedding planner told us that over a thousand guests were invited to her wedding, and she has no idea how many actually turned up!
  4. Most events are seated male-female-male-female. But some business events are seated male-male-female-female. One of our customers referred to this as 'one you want to work with and one you want to sleep with'.
  5. In the USA seating charts are typically displayed by guest. In the UK seating charts are typically displayed by table.
  6. The capitalization of names is important in some countries. For example, in the Netherlands "van" may imply nobility or royalty, but "Van" doesn't. 
  7. In a survey we commissioned, 84% of wedding guests prefer assigned seating.

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd