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PerfectTablePlan v4.1 is now 'feature complete'. We have finished coding all the new features and are  busy completing the documentation and doing a lot of testing. There are lots of changes to document and test, so this is likely to take several weeks. 

As mentioned in previous newsletters, v4.1 will see PerfectTablePlan split into 3 products. The current product will become PerfectTablePlan v4.1 Home Edition, which will work with existing v4 licence keys. The two new products are PerfectTablePlan Advanced Edition and PerfectTablePlan Professional Edition. You will need to pay a fee if you want to upgrade from the Home Edition to either of the new products. We will release full details of how you can upgrade and prices when the production version is available.

We haven't neglected our existing customers. In fact, we have added over 30 new features and improvements to the Home Edition and we haven't taken anything out (apart from a few bugs).

We would really appreciate some feedback on the new features and any problems that might arise in the new release. So we invite all interested customers to try a beta (test) version of PerfectTablePlan v4.1 before the official release. We will send all beta users a temporary licence key that allows them to try fully functional versions of the new PerfectTablePlan Advanced Edition and Professional Edition. Please sign up for our beta mailing list by clicking on the link below:

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We put a lot of effort into finding and fixing bugs. But PerfectTablePlan is a large and surprisingly complex piece of software and we can't guarantee to find every bug that might arise on every possible system configuration. So we would really appreciate your help in tracking down any problems. As a token of our appreciation, the 3 customers that report the greatest number/severity of bugs/issues with the beta will each receive a free upgrade to PerfectTablePlan Professional Edition. Our decision on who will receive the upgrades is final and no correspondence will be entered into relating to this.

We hope that a production version of PerfectTablePlan v4.1 will be available in August. But we aren't making any promises. It's ready when it is ready.

PerfectTablePlan by numbers

  • 2,000,000 the estimated number of guests seated by PerfectTablePlan the last time we tried to work it out

  • 94,365 - the number of lines of C++ code comprising PerfectTablePlan

  • 2,774 - the number of support emails we answered in 2008

  • 364 - the number of days per year we answered support emails in 2008 (we took Xmas day off for good behaviour)

  • 279 - the number of ideas for improvements and new features currently in our 'wishlist' database

  • 224 - the number of pages in the help documentation

  • 84 - the percentage of guests who prefer to have assigned seating

  • 50 - the number of questions answered in the FAQ

  • 0 - the number of pages in the help documentation that most people read

Unusual feature request

We are always happy to receive suggestions on how we can improve PerfectTablePlan. But some features are easier to implement than others. Here is one request we received recently:

"I would like you to add a feature that makes the people we don’t really want stay home."

We suggest you put all the undesirables on the same table. They'll soon get the hint...

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd