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PerfectTablePlan V3.1 nearing completion

We have been very busy working on the next version of PerfectTablePlan. The new version has over 30 improvements, including many of the features that our customers have been asking for. Here is a sneak preview of a few of the new features:

  • addition of shapes to the Floor plan pane, these can be used to add correctly dimensioned floor plan features (e.g. dance floors)
  • addition of free text to the Floor plan pane, these can be used to add titles and captions to floor plans
  • grid and snap-to-grid in the Floor plan pane
  • much more responsive, especially for events with 1000+ guests
  • improved appearance on Windows and MacOSX

Click on the image below to see a larger screenshot illustrating some of the new features:

v3.2 screenshot, click for enlargement

This release will be available as a free upgrade to anyone with a valid version 3 licence key. If you are still using versions v1 or v2, you can upgrade to v3 now for a small fee.

As always, we can't give any firm dates for the release. It's ready when it's ready. But it will be at least a few more weeks until we have done enough testing, debugging and documentation to let it out into the wild. 

We intend to release a test version to newsletter readers before making a more general release. Look out for details in the next newsletter.

Automatic licence key retrieval

You can now retrieve your licence keys automatically. Just go to our key retrieval page and enter your email address. All the licence keys we have on record for you will be emailed to you within a few seconds.

NB/ If you purchased PerfectTablePlan through GoogleCheckout and told Google to hide your email address from us, then you will need to enter the 'anonymised' email address that Google supplied to you.

Back-up your plan files!

There are a few certainties in life - death, taxes and computer failure. If your PC explodes we can easily send you another licence key, but your table plan data is a different story. So you should always make a back-up copy of your plan (.tp) files to somewhere other than your harddisk, for example:

  • laptop
  • CD/DVD
  • memory stick
  • email it to a friend

We get a few stressed emails from people who have lost all their data a few days before their wedding/event. Please don't be one of them. In fact, do it now!

UK postal strike

Unfortunately we have had several days of postal strikes in the last few weeks, here in the UK. Our apologies to anyone whose CD took longer to arrive than expected. Unfortunately the circumstances were outside our control.

Andy Brice