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Latest version

The current version of PerfectTablePlan is v3.0.8. This version includes a number of bug fixes and improvements on earlier versions and has proved to be very stable. We recommend you download and install the latest version if you don't have it already. If you have version 2 of PerfectTablePlan you can upgrade to version 3 for just £7.95/$13.95.

To find out which version you are currently running, start PerfectTablePlan and:
Windows: select Help|About
MacOSX: select PerfectTablePlan|About PerfectTablePlan

PerfectTablePlan v3.1 well under way

Since the last newsletter we have been working hard on lots of improvements and new features for PerfectTablePlan v3.1. We have also been making some significant 'under the hood' changes to prepare the way for more enhancements in the future.

As software development schedules are notoriously hard to predict, our policy is not to announce firm release dates. This means we don't get pressurised into releasing  insufficiently tested and buggy software. We will release the next version when it is ready. Hopefully before the end of the summer. Perhaps.

We will send out a newsletter as soon as v3.1 is available. Anyone who has a valid version 3 licence key will be able to use v3.1 without requiring a new licence key.

If there are any improvments or bug fixes you would really like to see in v3.1 please email your suggestions to .  

Power-user tips

Try the following to make you more productive:

  1. Use the guest, group or table Notes fields to store extra information not covered by other fields. For example, you can record in the guest's Notes field whether the guest has paid (for a commercial event) or what gift they bought (for wedding thank you letters).
  2. Store multiple meal courses in the guest Meals field by separating them with commas. For example soup,fish,ice cream. The number of each course will be separately totaled in the Statistics pane. 
  3. The contents of the Notes or Meal fields can be displayed/printed in the Floor plan pane:
meal on floor plan image
  1. PerfectTablePlan is shipped with A4 and Letter sized stationery templates for tent cards, escort cards etc. Click on the Load stationery button to browse the templates.
load stationery template image
  1. Click the reveal button at the top right of the Guests, Groups, Floor plan, Table plan, Table chart, Guest chart, Stationery and Proximity panes to get additional options for each pane.
windows more button image mac reveal button image
Windows MacOSX

Reciprocal links

Search engines use incoming links as one of the main ways of ranking websites, so we are always pleased when one of our customers links to . We also help customers where we can by linking to their website from our links page if we think it might be relevant to our customers.

If you have a website related to table planning, weddings or events and would like to exchange links please email us at Note that we will only consider links we consider relevant to our customers. Viagra sellers need not apply.

Survey prize draw

The winner of our survey prize draw was Sonia G from the UK. She was randomly picked from all the people who answered our online survey since April 2006 and received a £50 Amazon voucher.

Andy Brice