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Newsletter 11

PerfectTablePlan 3.0.8 released

PerfectTablePlan v3.0.8 is now available. It has a few minor enhancements and some bug fixes. In particular it fixes:

  • a bug that could sometimes show guests as unassigned in the Guests pane, but assigned in the Floor plan pane
  • a bug that causes the Export data window to take a long time to appear for plans with large numbers of guests and/or large groups
  • some export and print crash bugs

Thank you to everyone that reported bugs, particularly to Charlotte who helped us track down the first bug.

You can find out more and download the new version from here. We recommend you upgrade to v3.0.8, especially if you have encountered any of the bugs described.

If you have a version 3 licence key this key will work with v3.0.8. If you have a version 2 licence key you can upgrade to version 3 for just £7.95/$13.95.

What happened to v3.0.3 to v3.0.7? These were interim releases that we sent out to customers who reported bugs - they weren't publicly available.

As always, please contact support if you find any bugs.

'Works with Vista' certification

works with Vista logo imagePerfectTablePlan has now been certified by the Microsoft "Works with Vista" logo program. This means that you can upgrade to Windows Vista at any point and be confident that PerfectTablePlan v3.0.2 onward will continue working without any problems. We support all of the versions of Vista, including 64 bit Vista.

We don't currently support the full Vista 'look and feel' (e.g. the new button look) but we expect to add that soon.

Over a million guests seated!

Even according to fairly conservative estimates we calculate that PerfectTablePlan has seated over one million guests since we sold the first copy in February 2005.

Power-user tips

Try the following to make you more productive:

  1. You can use multi-select to change the properties of a number of guests in a single operation. For example, to change the RSVP status of a number of guests to Accepted in one operation:
    1. Use Ctrl+Click and/or Shift+Click to select multiple guests in the Guests pane
    2. Select Edit|RSVP|Accepted from the menubar
  2. Change the properties of all the members of a group by right clicking on the group in the Groups pane and selecting from the pop-up menu. Note that this is an easy way to set a single proximity for everyone in the group.
  3. Edit guest and group properties directly in the Guests and Groups panes using Edit mode.
  4. Click on column headers in the Guests or Groups pane to sort the rows accordingly.
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Buying PerfectTablePlan wholesale

Do you belong to an association, club, fraternity or charity where other members could benefit from PerfectTablePlan? If so we do offer discounts for purchases of 10 or more licences (CD or download). We can ship CDs worldwide. Contact us for details.

Future plans

Version 3.1 is already well underway, with lots of improvements planned. If there is anything you would particularly like to see in the next version, please email us

Andy Brice