Using on a USB drive

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Using on a USB drive

You can store your preferences in a .ini file in the same folder as your PerfectTablePlan .exe. This allows you to store your preferences, along with your plans, on a portable device (e.g. a USB drive/memory stick). It is even portable between Windows and Mac computers.

To use PerfectTablePlan portably:

Install PerfectTablePlan into an appropriate folder on the portable device, to which you have write permission.

Start PerfectTablePlan.

Open the Preferences window.

In the General tab select a portable .ini file for the Store these preferences in field.

Click OK.

Save your plans to the portable device.

If you are storing your preferences in a perfecttableplan.ini file, then recent files are stored with paths relative to the current executable. This means they should still work for plans stored on the device even after you have moved the device to another computer.

It is possible to have Windows and Mac versions of Hyper Plan on the same device sharing a single perfecttableplan.ini file and common plan files. Just make sure you install the Windows .exe and Mac .app into the same folder. We also recommend that they are the same version of PerfectTablePlan.

Note If you install PerfectTablePlan Windows .exes or Mac .apps into 2 different folders and set them to use .ini files, they will each store their preferences in their own .ini file.