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Print window

The print_16Print window is displayed when you print the front pane. To display this window select File>print_16Print or the equivalent Main tool bar button. You can only print the floor_plan_16Floor Plan, table_circular_16Table Plan, tablechart_16Table Chart, guestchart_16Guest Chart, stationery_16Stationery and stats_16Report panes. The exact controls visible in the window will depend on the type of pane being printed.

Change the Size field to change the size of the print out.

Click Fit to page to set the print size to fit on a single page.

Check Centre to centre the print on the page(s).

If you are printing across more than one page the Page control will be displayed. Click on a page or one of the arrows to change the previewed page.


The page navigation control

Click on the more_button_w button to show additional controls.

Change Horizontal fine adjust and Vertical fine adjust to make small adjustments to the position of the printout on the page. This can be useful to ensure that multi-page prints are correctly paginated (e.g. a line of text does not get split by a page boundary).

Select landscape_16landscape or portrait_16portrait to change the orientation of the print out.

The current printer settings. Click the Setup button to select a different printer, page size or set-up using the Print Setup window. You can also change the number of pages to be printed through the Setup button, e.g. just print the first 2 pages of 10.

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