Join Columns window

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Join Columns window

The join_column_16Join Columns window allows you to join columns of data in the Import Data window. This can be very useful for modifying input data into an appropriate format to import into PerfectTablePlan. To display this window click on the Join columns... button in the Import Data window (you may need to click the more_button_w button to make the Join columns.. button visible).

Set the order to the order you wish to join the column(s) in.

Set the separator to the text you wish to join the columns with.

Select ignoring empty cells to ignore empty cells.

Click OK to join the columns and close the window.

Click Cancel to discard the changes.

Joining creates a new column to the right of the columns being joined. The new column is selected. The original columns are not changed.

You can carry out as many split and join operations as you need to get your data into appropriate columns.

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