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Export Data window

The Export Data window allows you to export guest and seat assignment data from your plan to use in other applications, for example to import into spreadsheets to create customized reports. To display this window select File>export_16Export, select guest and seating data to CSV/text file in the export_16Export window and click OK. You cannot export data if your plan has no guests.

Set the Export a record per drop-down to guest or group, depending on whether you want to export a record (line) for each guest or a record for each group of guests. For example:

If you want a complete list of guests to send to your stationery supplier, you should select guest.

If you want to create a mail merge you will probably only want to send one letter to each group, so you should select group.

Select from the For drop-down menu depending on which guests you wish to export.

Check Output header record if you want to add a record with the field headings at the top of the export file.

Click on the more_button_w button to show more options.

Select the appropriate Fields check boxes, depending on what information you want to export to the file. Use the Select all, Unselect all and Invert selection buttons to save time changing your selection.

Use the Format drop-down list to choose whether the exported file is in CSV format or a custom delimited format (e.g. fields separated by Tab characters). If you are using a custom format, set Field separator and Record separator to the field and record separators you want in the export file.

Note Excel and many other types of application can open/import CSV files.

Preview shows you what the export file will look like. It shows the effect of changes made to Export a record per, Output header record etc. If there are more than 20 records to export, it only shows the first 20.

Note The members (formal) output is affected by the setting of the Display group members as field in the Names tab of the prefs_16Preferences window.

Set Export file to the location of the file you wish to create. You will be prompted if there is already a file at this location. Click on the Browse... button to browse to a location.

Click OK to export the data and close the window. Click Cancel to discard the changes.

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