Custom Field Proximity pane

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Custom Field Proximity pane

Professional edition only

The heart_16Custom Field Proximity pane allows you to set guest proximities based on custom fields.

You can set proximities for custom fields of type Yes/No and Selection. E.g. if you have a Selection custom field "department" with values "sales", "marketing", "engineering" and "admin" you can set proximities in this pane so that the automatic seat assignment will try to seat people in the same department together or not together.

custom proximity

You can set multiple custom proximities at the same time. E.g. you could seat guests together (or apart) depending on their geographical area, seniority and department.

The automatic seat assignment score is multiplied by the value of the Weighting field. This can be useful to set the relative importance of different custom field proximities. E.g. The score of 2 heart_16Next to proximity guests seated next to each other is usually +20, but if the Weighting is set to 0.5 it will be +10. The score is rounded to the nearest whole number.

If the table is large, editing it one cell at a time can be quite tedious. Click on the Bulk Edit... button to edit multiple cells in a single operation using the Bulk Edit Custom Proximity window. This button is only available for custom fields of type 'selection'.

Note Setting proximities for custom fields will slow down the automatic seat assignment.

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