Checking-in guests

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Checking-in guests

You can check-in guests at an event by changing their RSVP status to arrived_16Arrived as they check-in. You can visually track how seats are filling up in the floor_plan_16Floor plan pane by:

displaying the RSVP status icon; and/or

show the number of arrived/unarrived guests for each table

check-in guests

The total number of arrived guests is also shown in the Status bar.

Professional edition only

barcode on place card

You can check in guests by printing a barcode of their unique guest ID on their invitation, ticket or badge and then scanning this barcode into PerfectTablePlan as they arrive. This is much faster and less error prone than trying to find and update guest records by typing into PerfectTablePlan. You will need a barcode scanner and to install a barcode font. For more information see the Check-in guests tutorial.

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