Automatically assign guests randomly

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Automatically assign guests randomly

If you have set Auto assign seats to randomly in the the Auto assign tab of the prefs_16Preferences window, then PerfectTablePlan will try to automatically assign guests to seats at random. Guest proximity, group membership, VIP status and order in the unknown_adult_16Guests pane are ignored. This is useful in some type of events when you want to mix things up.

Automatically assign guests randomly

The order is which guests are assigned to tables/row is set in the Auto assign tab of the prefs_16Preferences window:

Set in any order to try filling the tables in different orders.

Set in the order shown in the Schematic pane to fill tables in the order shown in the schematic_16Schematic pane. You can change this order.

You can run File>wand_16Auto Assign Seats as often as you like. Each new run will create a new random layout.

Note Guests who have been lock_16 locked by you or have the wrong RSVP status (depending on the Allow seat assignment with RSVP settings in the prefs_16Preferences window) will not be (re)assigned by  automatic assignment.

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