Add a new stationery layout

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Add a new stationery layout

PerfectTablePlan comes with a comprehensive library of stationery templates. This includes many sizes of labels and cards from leading stationery manufacturers. If we don't provide a template for the type of stationery you want to use:

1.At the top of the stationery_16Stationery pane click the stationery_layout_16Stationery layout button. The stationery_layout_16Stationery Layout window will appear.

stationery layout

2.Set the various fields to the appropriate dimensions. You can choose mm or inches. Click on the Nomenclature tab for a visual representation of the various parameters. The layout is shown in the Preview tab.

3.Click OK. The Save Stationery Layout window will appear.

4.Complete the details for the new layout and click OK if you want it to be saved into the stationery database for next time.

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