Shuffle Seats window

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Shuffle Seats window

Use this window to move 1 or more selected guests 1 or more seats clockwise or anti-clockwise on the same table. This is different to rotating the table because guests change seats, but the table and seats are not changed. To display this window select Edit>Shuffle Seats....

Set seats(s) to the number of seats you want to move the selected guests.

Set Clockwise/Anti-Clockwise to the direction you want to move them.

For example shuffling guests A, B, D and H by 2 seats clockwise:


Will have the following end result:


Advanced and Professional editions only

The shuffle function can be very useful when you have resized an E-shaped table.

Shuffling seats on an E-shaped table

Locked seats are ignored (flowed around) when calculating the seat shuffled to.

If you want to select a number of seats to shuffle, but not a whole table:

Left-click and drag a 'rubber box' in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane to select the seats.

Use command_key2+Click to unselect any seats or tables you didn't intend to select.

If shuffling seats is slow, trying hiding the legend in the table_circular_16Table Plan pane.

Hint You can also use keyboard accelerators command_key2+} and command_key2+{ to shuffle selected guests 1 seat clockwise or anti-clockwise.