Renumber/rename tables window

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Renumber/rename tables window

Professional edition only

The renumber_tables_16Renumber/rename table window allows you to quickly rename lots of tables. To display this window click on the renumber_tables_16 button in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane.

While the renumber_tables_16Renumber/rename table window is displayed you can rename tables by just clicking on them. The table will be renamed to the text in Table name format with Next table number substituted for {next_table_num} and the alphabetic equivalent of Next table number substituted for {next_table_letter}. E.g. if Table name format is Table #{next_table_num} and Next table number is 10 clicking on a table will rename it to Table #10. Next table number is incremented by 1 for each click.

Selecting Edit>undo_16Undo will undo all the renumbering since the renumber_tables_16Renumber/rename table window was first displayed.

When the window is first opened Next table number is set to 1 and Table name format is set to the value of New table name format in the Names tab of the prefs_16Preferences window. You can reset these values by clicking the corresponding Reset buttons.

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