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You can print the contents of the floor_plan_16Floor Plan, table_circular_16Table Plan, tablechart_16Table Chart, guestchart_16Guest Chart, stationery_16Stationery and stats_16Report panes. Bring the appropriate pane to the front of the Right pane and select File>Print or the equivalent Main tool bar button. The print_16Print window will appear.

The controls displayed will depend on the pane that you are printing.

If you only have a standard size (e.g. A4) printer you might find that text on the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane isn't very legible when printed to a single A4 sheet. You may have to span multiple sheets or print it on a larger format printer. See printing legible plans on a small format printer.

Click on the Setup button to change printer settings such as the page size.

You can also copy or export your floor plan, table chart or guest chart to other applications, and print them from there, by using Edit>Copy or File>Export.

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