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Keep groups together

Sometimes you want to keep groups together and sometimes you want to split them up.

To keep a group together when manually dragging them to a seat either:

hold down the Shift key and then drag any guest in the group; or

drag the group icon from the couple_16Groups pane

To keep a group together during automatic seat assignment, make the guests in the group have heart_16Next to proximity to each other. Also, each guest can sit next to a maximum of 2 people, so don't over-specify the seating with too many heart_16Next to proximities per guest.

Even with proximities correctly set, the automatic seat assignment will sometimes split up groups. This might be because it is trying to balance lots of different factors (such as alternating gender, minimizing empty seats and custom proximity) not just guest proximity. But it may also be because combinatorial problems, such as seating, are really hard, even for a computer! Often you can improve the automatic seat assignment by running it again. Maybe set it to keep running while you have a long lunch.

Once a group is assigned to seats you can lock them, to prevent them being accidentally moved.

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