Handle sponsored tables

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Handle sponsored tables

Corporate and charity events will often have tables sponsored by companies or individuals. One way to accommodate this is to:

1.Include the sponsor name in the table name, e.g. ‘Table 1 (Acme Corp)’.

2.If a guest is associated with a particular sponsor, add a comment to the guest’s Notes field. If you don’t know the name of the sponsored guests you can set their last name to ‘Acme guest 1’, ‘Acme guest 2’ etc. (If you have PerfectTablePlan Advanced or Professional edition you can use a custom field to record which sponsor each guest is associated with).

3.Select a host for each sponsored table and make them a VIP guest. Drag them to a seat on that table and Edit>Guest Property>Locked>lock_16Yes them there.

4.Select a sponsor and all the groups you would like to sit with them by command_key2+clicking the sponsor and the groups in the Groups pane. Set them to have proximity ‘near to’ using Edit>Proximity.

5.Run the automatic seat assignment File>Auto assign seats.

6.Use drag and drop and visualization to fine-tune the assignments.

Professional edition only

You can use a custom selection field to record which sponsor each guest is associated with and then set the proximity for that field so that all guests with the same sponsor sit together.

We don’t recommend you group people by sponsor unless they have the same contact details (or you don't care about contact details).

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