Dashboard pane

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Dashboard pane

The dashboard_16Dashboard pane shows a quick visual overview of the state of your plan.

Set Chart type depending on whether you prefer Donut or Pie charts.

Set Legend depending on how you want the legend (colour key) displayed.

Set Columns according to how many charts you want displayed across the pane.

Click on the more_button_m button to show additional options.

You can check which charts you want to display. There are 8 standard charts:



Guests Assigned

Guests with seats assigned or unassigned.

Seats Assigned

Seats with guests assigned or unassigned.

Tables/Rows Filled

The tables and seat rows with either all seats filled or not all seats filled.


The RSVP statuses of all guests.

Unassigned RSVP

The RSVP statuses of guests not assigned to seats.

Assigned RSVP

The RSVP statuses of guests assigned to seats.


All guests by gender.


All guests by age.

Advanced and Professional edition only

Custom fields of type Selection or Yes/No can be displayed in this pane.

Click on the Colours... button to change the colours used to denote gender or custom fields.

Click on the Terms... button to change the words used inside the pane.

You can copy the dashboard_16Dashboard pane  to the clipboard using Edit>Copy and print it using File>Print.

Export the dashboard using File>Export>dashboard to PDF/PNG/JPG/BMP file.