Check-In Guests window

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Check-In Guests window

Professional edition only

The barcode_16Check-In Guests window allows you to quickly check-in guests at your event using a barcode scanner. To display this window select File>barcode_16Check-In Guests... .

Check set guest RSVP to and the appropriate status if you want to change the RSVP status of guests as they check-in (typically you will want to set it to arrived_16arrived).

Check append to guest notes and the appropriate text if you want to append some text to the Notes field of each guest checked in. For example, you might want to add "Scanned by Jim". Check with timestamp to add a timestamp to the entry.

Check show guest details if you want to show the guest details on-screen as they are checked in. From the adjacent drop-down list you can choose whether to show All details or Selected... details.

Check requires confirmation if you want to confirm each check-in e.g. before updating guest RSVP status and/or notes.

Check audible feedback if you want the computer to beep each time a guest ID is successfully scanned and matches the guest database.

Click Start checking-in>> when you are ready to start checking-in guests.

Guest ID is where guest IDs are input via a barcode scanner. You can also manually type in a guest ID here and press the Return key, but a barcode scanner is a lot more efficient.

Guest displays all the information about the last guest scanned. Click on the Edit guest button to edit this information. Click on Clear to clear this information.

Stats shows up-to-date statistics on  your plan.

Click <<Change settings to go back and change the settings.

Click Close to chose this window.

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