Change the table order

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Change the table order

The table_circular_16Table Plan, tablechart_16Table Chart and schematic_16Schematic panes show tables in a certain order. By default this is the order in which the tables were created, but you can change it by either:

clicking on the Table order... button in the tablechart_16Table Chart or schematic_16Schematic pane; or

dragging a table up or down the order in the schematic_16Schematic pane; or

selecting a table and using the up and down arrows at the top of the schematic_16Schematic pane to change its position in the table order

To sort the tables in alphanumeric order:

1. Go to the tablechart_16Table Chart or schematic_16Schematic pane (click on the more_button_m button at the top-left of the tablechart_16Table Chart pane).

2. Click on the Table order... button.

4. Click the sort_16Sort button.

5. Click OK.

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