5. Assign guests

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5. Assign guests

The next step is to assign guests to seats. Click on the flowarrow4_164.Assign button in the Task tool bar.

Ensure the unknown_adult_16Guests pane is at the front and set the Mode to Drag & drop (not Edit).

Left-click on the male_adult_16 icon for Mr Joe Bloggs in the unknown_adult_16Guests pane. Drag him (hold down the mouse button, move the mouse and then release) to a seat on the head table in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane.

drag guest to seat

Right-click on the seat you have dragged Mr Joe Bloggs to in the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane and select Guest Property>Locked>Yes.

lock guest

A locked guest cannot be re-assigned until they have been unlocked. This is particularly useful for stopping the wand_16Auto seat assign from moving guests who you wish to remain in their assigned seat. You can also select a table and lock all the guests on it.

Drag Mrs Jill Bloggs to the next seat to Mr Joe Bloggs and lock her, in the same way. Note that locked guests appear underlined in the unknown_adult_16Guests and couple_16Groups panes.

Now that you have assigned your VIPs, you are going to assign the rest of the guests automatically.

Click on the wand_16Auto seat assign button in the Main tool bar. The Auto Assignment window will appear:

automatic seat assignment

The Auto Assignment window should disappear after a few seconds. If you look at the floor_plan_16Floor Plan pane you should see that all seats now have guests assigned. If you hover the mouse cursor over a seat the details of the guest assigned will be displayed:

guest details tooltip

Notice that the locked guests have not been moved and that guests that are assigned to seats are no longer displayed in bold in the unknown_adult_16Guests and couple_16Groups pane.

You can customize the assignments by dragging guests between seats. If you drag a guest to a seat occupied by another guest they will swap seats.

You may wish to use the table_circular_16Table Plan pane, which displays just one table at a time with an optional legend. Use the nav_first_16 nav_prev_16 nav_next_16 nav_last_16 navigation buttons to change table.

table plan pane

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