3. Set proximity

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3. Set proximity

The next step to creating your table plan is to decide who should sit near (or not near!) whom.

Click on the flowarrow2_162.Proximity button in the Task tool bar to show the heart_16Proximity pane:

guests proximity pane

The heart_16 means that these guests should be placed next to each other. The happy_16 means that these guests should be placed near to each other, either next to or on the same table, but lower priority than heart_16.

Let us assume you have been asked not to seat Jason and Natasha next to each other. Click on the cell where the column for Jason and the row for Natasha intersect. Pull down the drop-down list and select sad_16Not Next to.

set guest proximity

Notice that the corresponding row for Jason and column for Natasha changes to keep the table symmetric.

Click on the more_button_m button at the top of the pane to show additional options. Select By group from the For drop-down list. The heart_16Proximity pane now shows just one group at a time.

proximity by group

The proximity will become important when we start assigning guests to seats.

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