Copying to the clipboard

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Copying to the clipboard

You can copy the contents of the floor_plan_16Floor Plan, table_circular_16Table Plan, tablechart_16Table Chart, guestchart_16Guest Chart and stats_16Report panes to the clipboard for pasting into other applications (such as Microsoft Excel). Bring the appropriate pane to the front of the Top pane and select Edit>paste_16Copy or the equivalent Main tool bar button.

The floor_plan_16Floor Plan and table_circular_16Table Plan will be copied to the clipboard as an image.

The tablechart_16Table Chart, guestchart_16Guest Chart and stats_16Report panes will be copied to the clipboard as both plain text (no formatting) and HTML (some formatting). Which one is used will depend on the capabilities of the application you paste into, for example Word will use HTML and Notepad will use plain text.

Note You can click the msword_16 or msexcel_16 buttons at the top of the tablechart_16Table Chart, guestchart_16Guest Chart or stats_16Report panes to paste the chart into Microsoft Word or Excel. You must have Microsoft Word or Excel installed.

Font size is not preserved when you copy a tablechart_16Table Chart or guestchart_16Guest Chart as HTML, as there is no reliable way to map between point size and HTML font size. You should be able to reset the font size easily enough in the other application. The chart layout can look cramped if the chart is too big for the page you paste it into. You may be able to fix this by reducing the font size, changing the page orientation to landscape and/or reducing the number of columns in the chart.

You can also use File>export_16Export to transfer data to other applications via a file.

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